Marcos Aguilar


Marcos Aguilar is Acting Manager of the Research Safety Team and one of our community's most inspiring volunteers. He first came to KAUST in 2010 to visit his younger brother, who was part of the founding class of students. He's currently celebrating his 10th anniversary in KSA and his 8th year at KAUST.

Marcos has lots of great ideas for improving our community, he is a proactive and engaged community member. Not only does he volunteer his time and expertise to provide drone support for Community Life, HSE, and several research projects, he is also president of the Board Gaming Club, admin of the KAUST Share Your Best Photo Facebook Group, and admin of the KAUST MX Facebook Group for Mexicans living in KAUST. Additionally, the KAUST Biodiversity Book features his drone photography and he creates content for the Culture in Quarantine (CinQ) website from the Office of the Arts. During the pandemic, Marcos supported the KAUST Community Trivia Quiz Tournament, creating 60+ KAUST questions and attending every session as the Question Master.

Marcos is very proud to live, work, and play in this community. The friends and family he and his wife Patty have adopted over the past 10 years are what make KSA and KAUST their home away from home. "This community is so special that I feel its stories can be turned into a book, movie or even a TV series."

If you feel like playing board games with Marcos and Patty, you're very welcome to join them at the table.


Published: December, 2020