Mahmoud Lasheen


Mahmoud Lasheen is a Retail Services Specialist with Community Life and one of our community’s most prominent helping hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lasheen’s can-do attitude during these unique times has been nothing short of inspiring. His continued perseverance and dedication to provide our community with essential supplies was a great success. Lasheen truly knows what it means to serve a community in its essential needs. He supported all retail outlets around KAUST, including the main Tamimi supermarket, when it was a challenge to provide essential items that every household needs. He found that our community was very appreciative and grateful for their efforts and what they managed to offer.

On top of this all, Lasheen is always smiling and a real pleasure to be around. He very much enjoys being able to help and support, and is proud to live and work in this unique community. He feels that the people of KAUST make this place so special and he believes that every person can make a valuable contribution to his/her community. Especially during the pandemic, KAUST has been his home away from home. “All community members are almost like family to me. I have been away from my wife and kids for almost a year and during this time, KAUST people are very meaningful and close to me.”

Published: December, 2020