Alaa Abusaleh

Alaa Abusaleh

If you don't know Alaa then you need to get out more. She seems to be everywhere. This young lady is determined not to miss out. When she's not volunteering, she's taking art classes, joining KAUST community clubs or helping to run a new community project. She never refuses any opportunity, she seeks out new experiences, and loves meeting new people. She has volunteered for KAUST's Research Open Week, the Fire Department, the Commencement ceremony, the WEP program, and more.

Alaa is an Elevate Program trainee working in KAUST Health as a communication specialist. KAUST's Elevate Program serves as a career accelerator and skill-building experience for recent Saudi university graduates. Alaa has been impressed with the Elevate Team's support and friendliness. Her BA in Communication and Media Technology perfectly suits her work as a communication specialist, which has exposed her to a global working environment that has helped to develop her knowledge, skills, and career prospects.

She has learned to appreciate the little things in life and feels privileged to enjoy the work-life balance that KAUST offers. "It’s amazing to get to know people that are scientists but at the same time love to play a musical instrument." In her 'spare' time she likes swimming, boating, snorkeling, horse riding, and driving beach buggies. Her passion is art. She is always sketching or painting. Inspired by the kids' channel Spacetoon, and encouraged by her family, she has been creating art, characters, and stories from a very early age.

Alaa is from Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. She first heard about KAUST when her brother-in-law told her about the Elevate Program. Since moving to KAUST it's not just her career prospects that have improved. She believes that living in such a diverse community has changed her outlook on life, opened her mind to new possibilities, and transformed her personality in a positive way.

When Alaa arrived at KAUST she was struck by how well-organized and structured things are on campus. While she appreciates how beautiful the university's architecture and landscaping is, she most values the people of KAUST. She admires their focus, professionalism, and community spirit. And she marvels at the ethnic diversity of her fellow KAUSTians. "KAUST is like an entire world stuffed into a place the size of a village. It's a place where you can grow and get to know yourself more and more by the day."

Published: March, 2022

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