Savio Theodore Dmello


Savio Theodore Dmello is the IT Director of The KAUST School. He had not yet begun his formal employment when the pandemic forces TKS to move to distance learning. He attended the first meetings as a volunteer and served a vital role in the preparations for the move to distance learning. He gave countless hours of his personal time, co-developed the TKS Distance Learning website, and continued to work collaboratively with the TKS leadership and technology teams.

Savio enjoys being a new member of our community because KAUST is innovative, not only to its key stakeholders, but also to the community as a whole. He likes being an integral part of such a creative community and more specifically the TKS team.

As a relatively new member of our community, Savio is keen to take part in a community that is genuinely international and culturally diverse, but yet respectfully focused on its country Saudi Arabia. “What makes this community so special, is its ability to come together to solve problems for the betterment of all. This already gives it a feeling of home to me.”

Published: October, 2020