Mudassar Habib


Dr. Mudassar Habib is the Chief of Staff at KAUST Health. He has provided the community with incredible leadership, knowledge and commitment during the pandemic. He is always willing to step in and provide solutions, as well as work with his team to meet the needs and requirements for keeping our community safe. It has been Dr. Mudassar’s responsibility to not only maintain but also improve the high standards of healthcare at KAUST, which is exemplified by our reaccreditation from a prestigious international healthcare standards body.

Over the last few months, Dr. Mudassar worked in partnership with the KAUST leadership to ensure continuity of healthcare provision during these difficult COVID-19 times. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community, he brought his experience, knowledge and team together to provide the best clinical practice and protect our community. He has been involved in devising, developing and implementing various relevant policies and procedures to keep our community healthy, functional and safe. He considers himself fortunate to work in partnership with various KAUST entities to increase health awareness, and enhance health promotion and prevention activities.

As a member and resident of the KAUST community, he admires its unique inclusiveness. He particularly likes the vibrant and responsive nature of this wonderful community, which he experiences both in a personal and professional capacity. “Not only is it welcoming and supportive, it also caters for the needs of the community at a collective and individual level. In such a diverse community it is gratifying to see the sincere compassion, understanding and ability of this community to come together at difficult times.”

Published: October, 2020