Mohamed Abdel-Aal


Mohamed Abdel-Aal grew up in a very similar environment as KAUST during a different era. Son of Egyptian parents, he was born and raised in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia at the (then newly opened) King Fahd University. Later on, as an adult, he migrated to the USA, where he became a citizen and established a career in IT. He learned about KAUST through a colleague that had already joined and encouraged Mohamed to apply. Mohamed found the vision of KAUST inspiring and decided that he wanted to be a part of it! So, he, and his family, took a leap of faith when he joined KAUST as a founding member in 2008. He is the Technology Infrastructure and Research Computer Manager for the IT Division.

Three years ago, his son joined the Boy Scouts of America Troop 13 community club at KAUST. The club founders asked him to support and volunteer for some of the activities. This led to him taking on the role as a Scout Master. When the club founders left KAUST two years ago, the leadership mantle fell upon Mohamed and his colleagues Maan Amad, Chris Motter, and Skylar Arbuthnot. The troop has reached full capacity with 25 boys from Grade 6 and higher. Mohamed has enjoyed his involvement with the troop. As it's been a way for him to spend time with his son, teach life skills to youth, contribute to the community through scout service projects and explore amazing remote camping locations throughout Saudi Arabia! 

Published: October, 2018