Maxwell Andrews


Maxwell Andrews is Community Life’s Recreation Specialist. He played a significant role in the protection, supervision, and maintenance of the recreation facilities during their closure at the beginning of the pandemic, as well as in planning the re-opening of these facilities. He also supported Tamimi with crowd control, distributed masks, led the Eid Car Parade, and more. The wellbeing of, and quality of life at, our KAUST community is of core importance to him.

Max is personally and professional dedicated to ensure that a wide range of programs and resources is available to the community. He goes above and beyond, day and night, with an unconditional flexibility that is extended to supporting other departments and services as well. Regardless of the challenge, Max shows a great enthusiasm to get the job done.

To Max, living at KAUST provides a wonderful work-life balance. He feels very delighted with his colleagues, neighbors, and our amazing Saudi hosts, and finds his life enriched through the people he meets here. The common denominator is that many of us live far away from our family and country of origin, he believes this helps us to make stronger connections with people within a short amount of time.

“One of the most incredible experiences of living at KAUST is the enriching treasure of our diverse community. It has connected me with people from all over the globe who are excited to share their culture, food and stories. I believe you get out of a community what you put into it. Volunteering at KAUST has proven to be a wonderful way to connect with a variety of community members. It is this exposure that contributes to my enjoyment of living in this unique community.”

Published: October, 2020