James Tulley


Many people know James Tulley, but what not so many people know is the quiet, unassuming way in which James contributes to the community. He has been an active member of the Golf Club since 2012 and organizes two inter-departmental golf tournaments each year. He has recently taken on the official, voluntary role of Golf Club Captain. When a Spin instructor stepped down and there was disappointment that classes would be cancelled, James stepped in and volunteered to lead the class. He now leads two Spin classes a week at the Harbor Sports Club, which have grown in popularity and now you need to get there early to ensure you get a bike!! He has many musical talents and, once word got out about his drumming expertise, he has been called upon by many individuals and groups to help out. He is a member of the Ukes group and a member of the Jeddah Jazz Quartet, who have performed at a number of venues and events. Recently he accompanied the Angklung at a Community Concert, played drums to accompany David Keyes in the 2016 Talent Show (which they won), and accompanied Sara Spade (the Ukulele lady) in her recent performance at KAUST.

Published: April, 2017