Heiko Langner


Heiko Langner joined KAUST in June 2014 as Director of the Analytical Chemistry Core Lab. He is originally from Germany but lived in the USA for twenty years. Heiko and his wife have three children, two are studying abroad at university and their youngest just completed his senior year at TKS, and will soon be off for college too. Heiko is the current President of the Red Sea Cyclists community club and also the most experienced mountain biker in the group. There are 100 community members that are part of the Red Sea Cyclists club. The group caters to all cycling skill levels from Beginners to Advanced. There are two types of rides available to members each week. The "in" rides are bike trails located within KAUST that include off-asphalt paths. These rides are meant for Beginner and Intermediate level riders to enjoy. Members meet up Wednesday evenings at 5:40 p.m. in front of the Harbor Sports Club. Intermediate and advanced cyclists have the option of going on "out" rides that occur every weekend on trails located 30 minutes to 1.5 hours away from KAUST. Riders meet up in the before sunrise to load their bikes onto the club's bike trailer and head out while the weather is still cool. The riders get to enjoy stunning mountain scenery along the trails, and have even encountered camel herds and Bedouins on some of their adventures. If mainly advanced riders are amongst the group, the group can choose a more difficult path, gaining one kilometer in altitude on their ride. The club also partners with similar cyclist groups in Jeddah to participate in competitive races in the area. Heiko has found his experience as President of the Red Sea Cyclists to be very rewarding. He is able to enjoy a sport that he is passionate about, share the experience with friends, help others advance their skill level and enjoy the natural surroundings outside of KAUST.

Published: April, 2018