Christine Nelson


Christine Nelson grew up in Sussex on the south east coast of England. Early on she had two heroes that influenced her passion for scuba diving; her father, who was a diver in the British Royal Navy, and famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Christine left Sussex for her first job and has been in academia ever since. Christine joined KAUST in 2011 and currently works in the Red Sea Research Center. She learned to scuba dive with Coastline and has since become a dive master and instructor. She goes diving each week and enjoys seeing a variety of marine creatures. She has also been diving abroad including the Philippines, Egypt, Maldives and Sudan. Christine regularly picks up rubbish on the reefs. His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Turki al-Faisal presented her with an appreciation award for her involvement in the preservation of marine life.  As a dive instructor, she loves to share her passion with others. Christine is the founder and president of the Scuba Divers community club. The club's Facebook Page has over 300 members that network, offer advice and coordinate diving trips outside KAUST.

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Published: November, 2018