Chris Newns


Chris Newns and his wife Gayani came to KAUST in 2009 as founders, to teach at the KAUST Schools, joined by their son Adam. This wasn't Chris's first international teacher post, having taught at schools in Greece, Dubai, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and back in his home nation of England. Six years ago, Chris retired from teaching but continues to stay busy as current President of the Fine Arts and co-leader of the Cub Scouts (ages 8 to 11) community clubs. 

Chris has been involved with the Fine Arts club since it's early days. He loves the arts and the opportunity to share his artistic passion with the community. The Fine Arts Club has a membership of 500 that participate in a variety of workshops and activities offered throughout the year by one of the club's three branches: Ceramics, Art and Stitching (Sewing). As an outdoor and building enthusiast, it was a natural fit for him to be a Cub Scout leader. The troop currently has 36 members, boys and girls, aged 8-11 years old that enjoy weekly outings and annual campouts.

Chris's advice to someone considering to start a club is to not wait, but just go for it! He explains that it's about setting time aside during your week to do something you love and you get to meet lots of people from the community in the process.

Published: May, 2018