Community Open Day

The Community Open Day provides an excellent opportunity for all KAUST residents to explore the diverse services available within the community. It is an evening for the community, by the community and a celebration of the active and talented people who call KAUST home.

KAUST Got Talent

The KAUST Got Talent is an annual celebration of the incredible talent that exists within our community. Community Life is honored to be able to provide a platform to showcase these skills.

Parade of Nations

KAUST's signature event, the Parade of Nations, celebrates the diversity of the 119 nations in our community. It is an opportunity to get together and share our national traditions, music, food, and culture. 

Ramadan Nights

During the holy month of Ramadan, Community Life undertakes several initiatives to support the community during the holy month. The Ramadan Lounge and bazaar are among the numerous activities and offerings provided during this special month.

Run for a Cure

In collaboration with the KAUST Community Club, Beach to Beacon, Community Life organizes an exciting walk and run event for breast cancer awareness during the month of October. Every step you take helps raise awareness of and shows support for breast cancer.

Saudi National Day

On September 23 each year, KAUST commemorates the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a part of this celebration, residents have the opportunity to delve into the rich tapestry of Saudi culture, history, and heritage. Immerse yourself in traditional Arabic music, savor authentic food, and engage in various cultural activities during this festive occasion.