Mohamad Ghieh


Mohamad Ghieh is one of the first members of our KAUST community. In 2009, he arrived in KAUST when many facilities weren’t operational yet. He prepared the homes of the first KAUST residents and felt part of the rising KAUST community spirit.

Currently, Mohamad is the Logistics Services Lead at Community Life and captain of the Community Life Football Team as well as an active volunteer in organizing and operating different events and activities at KAUST. Mohamad’s main intention with his efforts is to support a comfortable life for everyone in the community and to ensure that all services are provided smoothly and in the best possible quality. During the KAUST lockdown early 2020, it was his goal to keep our community members safe while maintaining the high quality of service that we are accustomed to. Together with his team and colleagues, he ensured that all the regular services were well provided, as well as the extended support that our community required during this pandemic. By additionally supporting the Travel & Retail team and the Housing team, he aimed to keep our community satisfied in as many ways as possible.

Growing up in Lebanon, Mohamad was raised in a community where differences between members were easily accepted. After graduating from university, he moved to KAUST and immediately had a sense of belonging. He felt that he had reached his home because he sensed the same mentality here as he had sensed growing up in his home community. In his experience, there is something extremely lovely about being a part of a group of people who share something more important than geographical location. KAUST particularly gives him a feeling of belonging and a sense of safety. He is grateful to live in a place where the community members trust and support each other.

“Our community is one that is at peace with itself, is confident and supports the wider society as part of its vision for social responsibility. It encompasses a great mix of people from different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, so that the young people grow up to accept difference and display tolerance and respect. The KAUST community is one where its members take pride in their living environment, respecting and supporting each other regardless of age, gender, race or creed. To me, it is a solid, safe, confident, prosperous, and happy place.”

Published: December, 2020