Reuse Center

Reuse Drop-off Center

The Reuse Center is a waste segregation facility operated by Averda with supervision from KAUST's Facilities Management. This is where all recyclables from KAUST are sorted. The best way of supporting the reuse center is to produce less waste, avoiding single-use products, and segregate properly their waste at home.

The Reuse Center gives new life to old things that may not be needed or used anymore. Gently used clothing, kitchen utensils, electronics, furniture or any other unused item can be donated by visiting the Reuse Center or by arranging for them to be picked up from your home. These items are then segregated and sent to approved Charity associations in Thuwal and Jeddah. Located across the street from the Samba Bank branch at Discovery Square, the Reuse Center processes an average of 7,000 items of clothes, toys, kitchenware, books, etc. per year.

Community members are encouraged to drop off recyclable items at the Drop Off Center. (See Map)