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Ramadan Lounge and Activities

Enjoy the daily festivities at the Ramadan Lounge!

As the month of Ramadan is expected to take place from Thursday, March 23 to April 21, Community Life would like to wish you Ramadan Kareem and invite you to join the festivities at the Al-Marsa Amphitheatre.

The Ramadan Lounge is a festive space to enjoy the evening hours during Ramadan and is set up at the Al-Marsa Amphitheatre. Join us daily from 6:00 p.m.


Daily at the Ramadan Lounge

The Amphitheatre will be decorated for Ramadan and including two air-conditioned tents with comfortable seating and will have the following items everyday:

  • Hejazi iftar buffet for only 65 SAR per person and 35 SAR for children. | See Menu here
  • Free Saudi Coffee and dates
  • Games such as billiards, foosball, carrom, cards etc.
  • Shisha Corner for adults only, see map for location


Weekends at the Ramadan Lounge

Every Thursday and Friday until April 6, the Ramadan Lounge will have the following activities in addition to the daily offerings.


Book the tent in advance for large groups here. We welcome all of you to spend your Ramadan nights with friends and family and enjoy the festival atmosphere.


See the map below for more details.

Transportation to the Ramadan Lounge


There will limited parking available at the Al-Marsa Amphitheatre! We encourage you to make use of the good weather and ride your bike

On-demand buses will be available as usual. WayZ will add an additional location to the lounge during Ramadan for their golf cart shuttle and their e-bikes and e-scooters. 

Learn more about all the activities happening at KAUST this Ramadan here