Ministry of DJs

The newly established KAUST DJ Club shall organize community members with a general interest in combining music with technology, Ministry-DJi.e.  playing recorded popular music on live events, online streaming, moderator on a radio station, creating own songs electronically, light shows, etc.

Membership Fees
No membership fees

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Phone: 0544 700523

The Objective of the Club

Our primary objective is to enlighten the KAUST Community by playing DJ mixed music on public events. From “light background music” at a venue, up to fully engaged and loud festivals, the KAUST DJ’s club will contribute with it’s skills. We also want to work hand-in-hand with other musicians or stage performers at KAUST.


  • Ensure equipment and space is available for members to practice.
  • Contribute to various committees for organizing live performances on campus.
  • For club members, we will provide instructional courses on DJ techniques, like song transitions, scratching, public announcements, and even composition of new songs.
  • We will assist in networking and support stage performers with equipment and sound.


DJ or Not?

Are you the next Martin Garrix, Marshmello, David Guetta or Tiesto? Are you interested in the technology of mixing with a DJ controller, light show programming, or can you talk well on stage or moderate on the airwaves?

Join the Ministry of DJs Club and share your interests with others and learn from each other. We provide music at KAUST community events and support other musicians and stage performers at KAUST.

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What we provide

  • Space and equipment to practice our craft
  • Input into groups and committees organizing live events at KAUST
  • Instructional courses on DJ techniques (song transitions, scratching, public announcements, composition of new songs, etc)
  • Supporting stage performers with equipment and sound
  • Networking opportunities

Membership and Fees

Sign up now – there are no membership fees… just bring along your enthusiasm!