Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

​We have a vehicle maintenance and repair workshop located adjacent to Transportation Building 1.  The workshop can accommodate specialized vehicles such as ambulance and firetrucks, as well as personal vehicles (including part replacements). 

Apart from the vehicle maintenance and repair workshop operated by KAUST's Transportation department, the retailer Petromin offers basic vehicle maintenance services at its workshop, located next to the car wash at the gas station, see the Quick Services list below.


Petromin (Gas Station) Vehicle Maintenance Services:​​
Basic vehicle maintenance services offered: oil change, top-up radiator fluid, brake fluid check-up, air filter check-up, top-up battery fluid, window shield water reservoir refill, tire pressure check-up, top-up power steering fluid.  Petromin Express extra services: transmission service, Petromin engine flush, power steering flush, coolant system service, cabin air filter, differential service (front and rear), and gear oil service (manual transmission).

 Al-Jazirah Ford offers complimentary services to KAUST Community members for Ford brand personal vehicles.
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Information, Enquiries and Working Hours:​​
For additional information or inquiries please contact a member of our team. Opening hours are from  8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. ​


Tel: ​       (012) 808-5636
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