Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

​​​​​​​Transportation services at KAUST include a wide range of bus services, from school and on-demand buses and scheduled daily coach trips to various commercial centers/malls/markets in Jeddah. There is also access to business and personal taxi services for local and airport trips, listed nearby cities, and unlisted destinations upon mileage. In addition, rental cars and golf carts can be hired based on availability.

Transportation Services Contacts Update

Mail and Courier services offer domestic and international postal service and express courier service for business and personal documents, letters and packages.  Each KAUST staff, faculty and student can apply for mailbox assignment that is accessible 24/7 at the KAUST Mail Room located at the KAUST Discovery Town Center. Pick-up and distribution for inter-office mail can be requested through mail & courier helpdesk by phone or e-mail.  

Material Management Logistics Services covering the management of the KAUST Warehouse (Receiving/Issuing), Residential Furniture Operations and Logistics Support Operations within KAUST premises as well as other additional services. 

  • Taxi & Car Rental

    Taxi & Car Rental

    Taxi and car rental services are available to provide personal and business transportation to destinations inside and outside the KAUST community, including to KAEC, Thuwal, and Jeddah.

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  • Bus Services

    Bus Services

    Transportation services provide a wide range of bus services, from school and shuttle buses and coach trips to various commercial centers/malls/markets in Jeddah, Thuwal, and KAEC.

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  • Vehicle Maintenance

    Vehicle Maintenance

    We have a vehicle maintenance and repair workshop located adjacent to Transportation Building 1. The workshop can accommodate specialized vehicles such as ambulance and firetrucks, as well as personal vehicles (including part replacements).

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  • Mail and Courier

    Mail and Courier

    KAUST has hired UPS and DHL to deliver the Domestic and International Mail and Courier Services covering the Inbound and Outbound shipping services as well as other additional internal auxiliary services provided to KAUST non-residential buildings' offices.

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  • KAUST Maps

    KAUST Maps

    Click here to access the KAUST interactive map if you need to find a house or other vanue/ location.

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  • Travel


    Dedicated KAUST Travel Office, provided by Kanoo Travel, located at the Discovery Square is available for your business and personal travel requirements.

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  • Eco-Cart Rental Program

    Eco-Cart Rental Program

    Eco-cart golf carts are permitted for use on KAUST roads and are a popular electric transportation choice in the KAUST community.

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  • Materials Management

    Materials Management

    Material Management manages the KAUST Warehouse, Residential Furniture Operations and Logistics Support Operations.

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  • Autonomous Shuttles

    Autonomous Shuttles

    Take a ride on Saudi Arabia's first autonomous shuttles.

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