Taxi & Car Rental

Taxi & Car Rental

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Taxi and car rental services are available to provide personal and business transportation to destinations inside and outside the KAUST community, including to KAEC, Thuwal, and Jeddah. 

"Have you heard? We have a taxi app! Check it out on  Apple Store, the Google Play store, or learn more."

Taxi Services

Taxi services are available for both personal and business needs. We recommend booking in advance for taxis, especially during busy travel periods. 

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Car Rental Options

Hanco offers a wide range of vehicles for daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rental options. Driver services are also available. For business car rental, fill the Hanco vehicle request form and email it to
* Vat will be added to the above rates

Shift Inc. is an innovative car rental app that enables convenient online booking and pick-up from a nearby location inside the university.


Taxi contacts from Hanco and SAPTCO are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
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We aim to ensure that our service providers continually support your transportation needs. Your feedback and comments are welcome, and can be sent to

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