Materials Management

Materials Management

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Provision of the Services:

KAUST had hired SMSA Express and Transportation Co. to deliver the Material Management Logistics Services covering the management of the KAUST Warehouse (Receiving/Issuing), Residential Furniture Operations and Logistics Support Operations within KAUST premises as well as other additional services. The Material Management Services cover the following functions:

  1. Purchase Orders Management:
    1. Receiving and Distribution Services of KAUST Purchase Orders raised by different end-users/departments.
    2. Claim management to return/report any discrepancy/damages with the PO shipments.
  2. Residential Furniture Operations:
    1. Movement Services of KAUST residential furniture between housing units.
    2. Removal and Replacement of KAUST residential furniture at a housing unit.
    3. Managing the residential furniture inventory list of each housing unit.
  3. Logistics Support Operations:
    1. Transfer of KAUST residents between two (2) different housing locations.
    2. Assisting KAUST events.
    3. Supporting KAUST office movement. Intra-transfers within the same office/level/building are excluded.
  4. Additional Services:
    1. Excess Movement Services.
    2. Residents' Furniture Services.

Presence & Contact Information:

SMSA's operations team is available at the General Warehouse and the Goods Transfer Building (GTB) to provide Material Management Logistics Services. The team is operating seven (7) days a week from 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. To request the Material Management Services, kindly contact FC helpdesk (the main KAUST helpdesk). Yet, you can also communicate with MM helpdesk on:

  1. E-mail: mm.helpdesk@KAUST.EDU.SA
  2. Landline: 8086561

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For more information and details, you are kindly requested to check the Material Management Logistics Services guidelines here.

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