News and Information

News and Information

​​​​​Growing with our Community—The New Oasis Apartments​


The KAUST community is growing steadily and to respond to this growth KAUST is developing new neighborhoods. The Oasis neighborhood located across the road from the Safaa Golf Club is our newest neighborhood. The development which is now complete is located across the street from Safaa Golf Club is well situated to take advantage of the recreation offer found at the KAUST stadium including rugby and the golf club. As announced at the President’s Town Hall meeting this is one of the projects Accommodation Services was looking forward to delivering. 

The development consists of 352 two-bedroom apartments all with en-suite facilities. Each apartment has a floor area of 130 square meters with rents provisionally set at approximately USD 5,800 a year. The neighborhood has a central landscaped courtyard and covered residential parking located in the front of buildings.​

The area is connected to the existing community bus route and enjoys the same services available to all our existing communities. A 3m wide bike trail has been introduced which connects to the existing bike trail and the safety of pedestrians ensured by the incorporation of a 3m sidewalk. The entrance to the Safaa Golf Club has also been widened for improved access and visibility. Further information and details of the Oasis apartments is available following the link Oasis apartments.

The size of the apartments makes them an ideal home environment for two sharing residents, couples and couples with one child. We are proud of all our neighborhoods​ and anticipate the successful occupancy of the Oasis as the university’s newest neighborhood.​

If you would like to sign up for more information please complete the sign-up form so that we may notify you with further information regarding occupancy.​

Going on Vacation​

When leaving your unit unoccupied for a temporary period, for example to go on vacation or residential training away from KAUST, Please carry out the below: 

  • Assign a caretaker for your home and your pet by completing a Caretaker Authorization Form
  • Close all angle valves in the unit typically located underneath or behind sinks, bidets and hand sprays, to ensure no water leaks from the internal plumbing system.
  • Leave the air conditioning on 'auto' and set it to 26°C (78.8°F) to avoid condensation and to prevent the formation and growth of mold.
  • Switch off the water heater's electrical circuit breaker located inside the distribution board panel (houses and villas), to prevent any excessive temperature and pressure build up in the water heater tank.
  • Switch off your stove and other non-essential electrical appliances are unplug at the wall.
  • Leave floor drains in all wet areas uncovered including toilets, kitchen, wash room, laundry room and water heater room (if applicable), to prevent flooding in the event of a leak.
  • Make certain all doors, windows and curtains are closed, to avoid condensation build up inside the unit.
  • Ensure the door to the roof access is locked.
  • Store and secure any valuables.
  • Lock side and back gates to prevent access to the rear of the property.
  • Make arrangements for the upkeep of your backyard by calling 959, or by e-mailing
If you have difficulty locating any of the features discussed above, please contact Maintenance by dialing 959. For further queries, please contact us on 012 808 6555/ 6505; or by e-mail at

Top Tips for Departure

1.  Can I have an early inspection to be aware of any costs at departure? 

It is recommended residents schedule a pre-departure inspection from the Housing team 3 weeks before intended departure date to gain an awareness of any items that may require their action. 

2.  How are penalties for damaged furniture calculated? 

Whilst wear and tear is considered with any assessment of furniture items before a resident leaves, there is a schedule of costs that forms the basis of charges or damaged furniture items resulting from misuse or negligence.  Please contact for support on any items you are concerned about following your pre-departure inspection. 

3. Will I have to repaint my house before I leave? 

This action may not be necessary as reasonable wear and tear is factored into any decisions made to support the request for repainting. 

4. Do we have to remove all new plants before we leave? 

Plants that make a valued addition to the garden may be retained.  This judgement is however made by the Horticulture team who may be contacted on to obtain confirmation. 

5. What acceptable state should the garden be in before we leave? 

Gardens are provided to resident with sufficient grass cover which should be maintained during a resident's stay at the unit and will be assessed as part of a pre-departure inspection.  In addition overgrown shrubs and trees should be trimmed.  Please contact the to obtain confirmation that the garden is in a good condition.

6. How can we fix the unit before we leave? 

All maintenance items can be addressed by raising FC helpdesk tickets through 959.  Please note that damage assessed as resulting from negligence and misuse will be repaired at cost. 

Caring for Your Home

The following are some simple guidelines that will ensure your home will be an oasis of calm at the end of a busy day.

  • It is adviseable to keep your Air Conditioning temperature set to 23 Celsius 
  • Close all windows and doors at all times to avoid condensation and prevent the formation and growth of mold
  • Immediately report any maintenance issues to 959
  • Uncover all floor drains in all wet areas; toilets, kitchen, wash rooms,  laundry room and water heater room (if applicable), to prevent instances of flooding in the event of a water leak inside your home. 
If you notice any suspicious behavior in or around your residence or your neighbor's residence, please call 911 from a land-line, or 012 808 0911 from your mobile phone. 

Remember, it is a resident's responsiblity to protect their home and belongings. 

If it is a sub service then select its parent service otherwise don't select any service.