Community Arabic Program

Community Arabic Program

The Community Arabic Program aims to introduce expat community members to the rich language and culture of Saudi Arabia and teach participants to understand and speak the colloquial Arabic of the Hejaz region, as well as read and write the Arabic language.

The program aims to build a bridge between the ex-pats at KAUST and the Saudi locals. It enables them to communicate in restaurants, taxis, at the airport, and on many other occasions in their day-to-day lives.

Our CAP teaching methods are based on interaction, roleplaying, and group discussions that make learning fun and the study material easier to grasp.
Classes are available during the day as well as in the evening time to accommodate both working and non-working community members.

Classes offered this semester:

We are pleased to be offering new sessions of the Community Arabic Program


All CAP classes are held in the Community Clubhouse (ECC3) located in the Gardens.

Terms & Conditions

By registering for the Arabic Program, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

  • All classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All registrations must be made using the registration form.
  • Payment at Harbor Sports Club is required before attending the first class.
  • Classes with an enrollment of 4 or fewer may be subject to a change in times, combined with another class, or canceled.
  • Please ensure to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time of your class.

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