Teen space

teen-space_610x407px.jpgTeen Space has been created to provide the teenagers in our community with a friendly and safe environment in which to socialize with their friends, and to be themselves, away from their home and school commitments.  The Teen Space will support the development of a sense of community among the teenagers in KAUST and will be a venue to socialize, share, learn, work, and play together.

The Teen Space will be overseen by a group of volunteer Youth Workers who will work with the teenagers to develop the space and the programming/initiatives that take place there.

All users of the Teen Space must be familiar with the following guidelines:

Access to space

Teenagers who can use the space are divided into two groups:

  • Group 1 – Grade 7 – Grade 9
  • Group 2 – Grade 10 – Grade 12

  1. Each group must only attend during their designated sessions. 
  2. To use the Teen Space, you must have your KAUST ID and it must be presented in order  to be permitted entry to the space.
  3. To be allowed into the Teen Space, you must be wearing a face mask or face covering.
  4. All users must sign in at Reception each time they use the space

Operational Hours

The Teen Space will be open two evenings per week:

  • Group 1 – Monday 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm
  • Group 2 – Wednesday 7.00 pm – 9.30 pm


  1. All users of the Teen Space (teens and youth workers) will treat each other with respect at all times and demonstrate acceptance and understanding of the culturally diverse community in which we live.
  2. All furniture and equipment in the Teen Space must be treated with respect at all times. 
  3. An individual’s right to use the Teen Space may be suspended temporarily or permanently, in the following circumstances:
  • The individual is identified as purposely defacing or damaging the furniture or equipment.  (The person(s) will also be responsible for the cost of replacing/fixing the damaged item(s)).
  • The individual is identified as using aggressive physical contact (including fighting, play fighting, rough-housing, and wrestling) directed at other teens or the volunteers.
  • The individual uses abusive, obscene, or threatening language or vulgar gestures directed at other teens or the volunteers.
  • The individual is behaving in a manner which disrupts any events being held in the Teen Space.

Dress Code

The KAUST Dress Code (as per the Code of Conduct) must be adhered to at all times


The Teen Space is regularly cleaned in line with the Keeping KAUST Safe guidelines.  In addition:

  1. All users are responsible for keeping the Teen Space clean and tidy at all times.
  2. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, soap and paper towels are provided.  
    • Users must use the hand sanitizer on entry to the Teen Space.
    • Users must wash their hands before and after using any equipment.
    • Users must wipe down the equipment with a disinfectant wipe after each use.

Health & Safety

  1. All users of the Teen Space must be familiar with the Keeping KAUST Safe guidelines.
  2. All users of the Teen Space have a responsibility to act in a healthy and safe way and will not act recklessly, or put anyone else in danger.
  3. Teenagers must not come to Teen Space if they are feeling unwell or are currently sick.
  4. There is a First Aid kit available in the kitchen area of the Teen Space and the adult supervisors are trained in basic First Aid.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Teen Space and in the surrounding outside area. 

Non compliance with guidelines

  1. Appropriate action will be taken if the behavior of an individual or group leads to an incident which impacts the regular operation of the space:
    • First incident – a verbal warning and a reminder of the Guidelines for use of the Teen Space.
    • Second incident - the incident/behavior will be documented and a parent or guardian will be notified.

Note: Depending on the severity of an issue or behavior, an individual may be asked to leave the Teen Space and may be temporarily suspended or permanently excluded.

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