You can join a community club or participate in an activity like a class or workshop.  Read more about these options below! 



Community members are encouraged to get together to form community clubs-to share a common interest.  There are currently 19 community clubs at KAUST ranging from Photography to Dragon Boat racing. Community Clubs have elected officers, a formal Charter and a framework for dealing with finances.  In addition, whilst clubs cannot have a bank account, our Finance department can act as the banker for the club, if they require.  Community Life supports the clubs with facilities, advice and marketing assistance.

Join a Community Club today!  Visit the Community Club section to learn more about the clubs available for you to join. 


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Community members are encouraged to share their expertise and interests with the community by offering classes, workshops and group meetings.  We have 20-30 such activities offered by community members throughout the year, ranging from Ceramics Workshops, Little Yogis, Chess Clinic, Arabic Literature class and more.  Community Life supports the community members driving these activities with facilities, advice and marketing assistance.

Join a community class, workshop or group!  Visit the Community Life Events Calendar to see activities happening now. 

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