You Asked Us-Bus to KAEC or Thuwal

You Asked Us-Bus to KAEC or Thuwal

 Posted on Oct 18, 2018

You Asked Us...


Why are there no bus services to Thuwal or KAEC?


Based on feedback from community members, a monthly bus service to KAEC will launch shortly.  Stay tuned for more information!

Though a bus to Thuwal is not feasible at this time, any residents that may have transportation needs for nearby Thuwal or KAEC the following options are available:

  1. Private car rental
    1. Hanco personal rental rates start as low as 95 SAR a day, with 250 kilometers limit, for Nissan Sunny, Kia Rio or Equivalent vehicles.   
  2. Personal Taxi service
    1. Thuwal: 47 SAR one-way, 95 SAR roundtrip*
    2. KAEC: 142 SAR one-way, 284 SAR roundtrip*
      * Samara personal taxi rates for Honda Accord
  3. Bus Rental
    1. Consider organizing a group visit to KAEC and Thuwal on a Saturday.  
    2. Bus rental daily (8 hour) rates are inclusive of 400 kilometers.
    3. Fill up a Toyota Coaster bus with 24 riders and each passenger would pay 48.3 SAR towards the daily bus rental rate.  

Check out the Taxi and Car Rental webpage for further details on available services.

For information on bus rentals visit the Bus Services webpage.

We encourage community members to take advantage of free bus services available, like the weekly Community Express bus.  

Don't forget about the exclusive KAUST discounts at Bay La Sun (KAEC), click here for details on the Travel webpage.

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You Asked Us-Bus to KAEC or Thuwal