LIFE in our Community

LIFE in our Community

 Posted on Nov 28, 2017

​Our community has grown over the past 8 years and is maturing and evolving all the time. There is a heightened sense of belonging and positivity within a culture of ever-increasing involvement and citizenship. Recently, we reached out to over 500 people across our community and asked, 'What does LIFE in our community mean to you?' Our results show that you feel safe, secure and proud of being part of this community. You enjoy socializing with one another and learning about each others cultures. You mentioned that you feel more empowered, listened to and involved more in issues that affect your lives; as well as feeling supported to take action on projects that you are interested in/and that are important to you. 

These themes emerged as the most important aspect of life in our community:

A Sense of Community - "Our community is thriving, not just surviving."

You shared your pride in our community having a culture of acceptance, respect and kindness; a community where friends become family; a community where there is a sense of belonging and support.

Recreation, Leisure and Wellbeing - "Life here means a good work/life balance for our families and our physical, mental and spiritual health".

You acknowledged that life in this community involves going to events and activities that bring community together; enjoying the great recreation facilities and services we have; joining clubs to explore hobbies and meet others.

Culture and Diversity “Life means learning through international diversity by sharing our culture, food and histories.”

You talked about living and participating in a harmonious, accepting, respectful and diverse community; experiencing and learning about Saudi culture; and sharing knowledge through cultural events that connect the community.

Safety - "Everyone contributes to making KAUST a safe and happy place to live and work."

You discussed the importance of having safe roads for cars and bicycles; a safe place for families and children; a safe place to connect across cultures.

Family - "I have more time here to be with family."

You talked to us about living in a unique and family-friendly environment; having opportunities for families and children to connect; quality family time.


We want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on  life in our community and we'd like to leave you with one of our favorite quotes from you;

"KAUST is a gift that keeps on giving."

LIFE in our Community