Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

 Posted on Oct 22, 2018


During the tournament held on Friday, October 19th, 8 teams battle it out in a game of Ultimate Frisbee.  The tournament consisted of two stages, a Groups stage and a Knockout stage. In the Groups stage, every team played the other teams in their perspective group to determine the seeding for the knockout stage.  A win equals 3 point, a tie equals 1 point and a loss equals 0 points.  Next came the Knockout stage. Teams were seeded in the Knockouts stage based on how many points they accumulated in the groups stages. Form this point on it's a lose and you're out. The last team standing was declared the winner.

Tournament Results were as follows:

Gold Medal Winners= ROCKET DOGS 
Silver Medal Winners= IRON DISC 
Bronze Medal Winners= LAST MINUTE

The other 5 teams that participated (in no particular order) were:


The tournament was co-sponsored by Graduate Events and Communtiy Life's Recreation Department. 

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport which combines aspects of netball and flag football into a fun, exciting game. Two teams of 4-7 players compete to move a Frisbee down the field to score in the other team's end zone while the other team is tasked with stopping them. Ultimate Frisbee is a unisex, fast paced game meant for everyone to enjoy.

The ultimate frisbee, Kingdom Ultimate, club is a student-led group sponsored by Graduate Affairs. 

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(Photos by Eric Rowell)

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament