The Making of Beauty and the Beast

The Making of Beauty and the Beast

 Posted on Nov 18, 2018


This month community members were captivated by the KAUST Schools' (TKS) magical musical production of Beauty and the Beast. This polished and professional show with breathtaking costumes, dancing and singing played to full houses in the University Auditorium from November 10-12. The TKS Performing Arts teachers made the deliberate decision to produce a classic family show suitable for all ages.  Community members of every age group including toddlers and young children enjoyed the production in an atmosphere that was jovial and supportive. One young theatre goer, so caught up in the moment, even shouted urgently at Belle on the stage to "go go!" when the Beast set her free.

For us as audience members it's important to remember that productions like this don't just happen by the same magic that transformed the Beast. Instead, as the play's program mentions, it is practice, practice and practice again to get it right. This is how the dedicated team of Secondary school student actors, crew and staff pulled it off. The production took months of work that began in May.  Roles were cast before the summer holidays so students could use that time away from school to learn their lines and songs. Then an intensive schedule of rehearsals started as soon as the school year kicked-off in August. Teacher and Director Claudia Kennedy reckons that the key staff involved each gave an additional 150 hours of their own time over and above their regular duties!  Let's not forget the crew of focused individuals backstage, and those providing technical support in sound and lighting.

Congratulations to this cast and crew of over one hundred people! It was a production we won't forget. Some of us will be humming those familiar tunes for weeks to come...

Missed the live performance of Beauty and the Beast?  You still have the chance to watch it on KAUST TV!

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The Making of Beauty and the Beast