Story of LEM and KSC Cricket Match

Story of LEM and KSC Cricket Match

 Posted on Oct 18, 2018

‚ÄčStory of LEM and KSC Cricket Match by Atisam Faisal, Grade 5 

Match was played on 18th October 2018.
It was Thursday 4:00pm at KAUST cricket field. A clear sky, bright shining sun, early winter breeze and lush-green grass were waiting to start the cricket match between two teams who have challenged each other. Overall, the weather was a bit hot with temperature at 34.5 oC but feels like 33 oC in the sitting area and 37 oC on the field. Everyone was expecting that it will get cooler as the match progresses with the sunset less than a couple of hours away. This can also impact the team that bats second because it may get darker and cause visibility issues. I went to see the cricket pitch and saw a lot of dust sticking on the surface. This may be due to the hot summer and lack of cricket on this surface. KAUST Solar Center (KSC) won the toss and their captain Sajjad elected to bowl first. He considered the pitch and predicted that it would be difficult for Lab Equipment Maintenance (LEM) to bat on this surface. Umer Altaf, Imran Haider and Niketan Patel volunteered for umpiring in this match. 

All KSC fielders were standing on the ground with white t-shirts clearly mentioning KSC Cricket Team on the back of their shirts. The LEM team, with their blue t-shirts, was looking motivated and excited to win this game. From LEM, Jason and Mohammed came to start their innings. Unfortunately for LEM, it was a rough start. Within first 3 overs, they lost four of their important top-order batsmen. According to the commentator, all the batsmen focused on boundaries rather than building-up a partnership to steady the innings. It is worth mentioning the athletic skills of Vinoth who caught 5 spectacular catches while fielding at the long-on position for KSC. LEM concluded their innings for 63 runs with 9 wickets down in 10 overs. KSC needed 64 runs to win in 60 balls and they sent their first two batsmen, Faisal and Atif to the crease.  They started cautiously and after 3 overs lost their first wicket with only 13 runs on the board. The next two overs caused a lot of excitement for the LEM side because KSC lost a couple of quick wickets. But then came the captain (Sajjad) to the crease and took full control of the game. He kept hitting boundaries at will and finished the match by hitting a 6 at start of 8th over. He made this victory looks very easy for KSC and finished with a score of 34 runs.

At the end of the game, there was a prize distribution ceremony. SDG-Cricket committee handed over the trophies. It was a very tough decision to choose "man of the match". On one side, we had Sajjad who did a great job with bat, and on the other side, Vinoth who took 5 catches and also took 2 wickets in his 2 overs. Finally, the committee decided that the low score of LEM resulted in a victory and Vinoth contributed significantly with his safe hands. Vinoth received his "man of the match" trophy from LEM Manager, Jason Serin. LEM took a team picture holding the runners up trophy while KSC felt proud holding the champions trophy with smiling faces.

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Story of LEM and KSC Cricket Match