Protected Areas at Safaa Golf Club

Protected Wildlife Areas

 Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Great News for KAUST Wildlife Protected Areas at the Golf Club

An exciting agreement has been signed to establish a series of protected areas at the Safaa Golf Club with the aim of promoting biodiversity at KAUST. The agreement is the result of collaboration between Community Life, Facilities & Management, and Health, Safety & Environment; and is in collaboration with MGS who manage the golf facility.

There are two main parts to the plan. Firstly, a series of wildlife corridors will be developed creating more continuous lines of trees or bushes. Many wildlife species feed along the corridors because there are insects to eat and cover in which to hide. By establishing the continuous corridors, we will encourage more species to visit KAUST including both local and migratory species. The second part is to monitor any essential maintenance work in these areas to reduce the impact on wildlife.

The map indicates two types of biodiversity spots or areas. In the yellow areas, only essential work will be undertaken. These areas are rarely visited by even the most wayward golfers and were chosen because of their remoteness. These areas will be allowed to develop naturally. In the red areas, the timing of essential maintenance work will consider the effect on biodiversity. Breeding and migratory times will be avoided whenever possible. There are plans to re-wild the area between the practice area and the stadium with local plants, which it is hoped will then attract more local species.


As the scheme develops, educational and promotional materials will be developed explaining the work being undertaken. It is hoped this will become an example of insightful management practice and a valuable community resource.

The initiative is in accordance with others announced recently within the Kingdom. In June 2018, King Salman announced the creation of 6 new nature reserves across the Kingdom. Saudi Aramco recently pledged to plant 1 million local trees in the Eastern Kingdom by 2025. These initiatives recognise our responsibility to preserve the environment. With this initiative, KAUST will also be contributing by giving a home to local wildlife whilst having almost no impact on the golf played at the club. 

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Protected Wildlife Areas