Construction of Safety Town Playground begins

Safety Town Construction

 Posted on Nov 03, 2019

​As announced previously, three new playgrounds are coming soon to KAUST. The first to open will be Safety Town, a playground where kids can have fun while learning about road safety. 

Get ready for Safety Town

Safety Town is designed to have a real-life, small-town feel for children ages 1-10. This playground will provide lots of space to ride bikes, play, and learn about road safety. It will include road markings on a rubberized ground, traffic signs, and high-quality play equipment. The playground will have areas which are shaded and will be lit so the fun can continue even after the sun goes down. 
Please note that the images provided do not include shading, however shade is part of the plan.

Location and construction

Safety Town will be located at the intersection of Gazelle Lane and Raspberry Lane in Thuwal Garden Park in the Gardens neighborhood. The space currently looks like this:

Construction is scheduled to begin on November 5, and is anticipated to last several months. We aim to ensure there is minimal impact on the surrounding area residents, play areas, and roads. However, we request your understanding as there may be some construction noise and limited disruption.

What’s next?

Two other new playgrounds are being developed in the coming year and will be located in popular play locations around the community. We’re looking forward to welcoming you there in 2020!


Chris Sealey 
Vice President, Community Life

Safety Town Construction