SHIFT inc. half year anniversary

SHIFT inc. anniversary

 Posted on Oct 13, 2019


Half a year ago, SHIFT inc. started providing its car rental services to our community. Over the past six months they have reinforced their position as a pioneer in the Middle East by successfully operating an innovative car rental applicationat KAUST.

Insurance policy

SHIFT inc. would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the initial terms and conditionsrelated to their insurance coverage, along with the Saudi Arabian Transport General Authority rules and regulations.

If an accident occurs (whether or not the renter is at fault (in)directly) during the rental period, including but not limited to scratches on the exterior of the vehicle, they urge their customers to adhere to the following scenarios to avoid damage charges to be added to their bill:

  1. if the accident/damage took place inside KAUST, the case should be reported to KAUST's Security Department to provide the documentation on the damages, then processed through the police station associated with Rabighas per KAUST internal policy, and finally the full documentation should be provided to Shift inc. office at Transportation Building 1, office 134
  2. if the accident/damage took place outside KAUST, a Najm Report should be provided to the Shift inc. office located at Transportation Building 1, office 134

For your reference, please read the Transport General Authority rules and regulations and the Shift inc Terms & Conditions carefully.

Furthermore, in case an accident/damage occurs and you are unclear of the procedure required to report it, their Contact Center team will be more than happy to assist you at 920 01 4818.

In case you need any additional information regarding Shift inc., please refer to the Community Life website for more details.

Omar Al-Omar
Director, Community Services & Engagement

SHIFT inc. anniversary