Regular bus changes & the Community Express Bus

Express Bus & changes

 Posted on Sep 30, 2019

On- and Off-Campus bus changes

As of October 1, several changes to both the on-campus and off-campus buses will be implemented. On-campus, the Research Park route has been discontinued while Golf Cart route was modified – please find its new stops here. Off-campus, the DSFMC/MyClinic bus has been discontinued, but the Community Express Bus is back! Due to the recent closure of the train station, the Train Station bus has been suspended until further notice. Consult the full schedule here.

Community Express Bus

The Community Express bus to Jeddah resumes on Saturday, October 5th. Each Saturday over the next three months, you will have the opportunity to enjoy trips to an art gallery, different shopping malls, a museum and more!

The bus will operate at various times, depending on the destination's operational hours. The schedule contains the various destinations chosen by you, with the first bus departing this Saturday. Please note that access to venues at the destination must be arranged by the passenger e.g. purchasing venue tickets.

Have a look at the schedule and book your seat today!

--> Did you know that the Jeddah Corniche has proven such a popular Express Bus destination, it has now become part of the regular off-campus bus schedule? Thanks to your feedback, it now operates three times per week.


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Omar Al-Omar 
Director, Community Services & Engagement

Express Bus & changes