Staycation fun

Eid staycation fun

 Posted on Sep 05, 2019

For those who staycationed at KAUST for Eid Al-Adha there was plenty to keep everyone busy!

The Safaa Golf Club had great turnouts for the Mini-Golf Tournament as well as the early morning biodiversity walks around the Golf course. On Tuesday August 13, more than 250 community members enjoyed the games, music and food at the Picnic on the Greens event.

The craft sessions at the Harbor Library were enjoyed by more than 100 people. Many 3-D Goldfish Bowls, Paper Cup Shakers and Changing Weather pictures were made.

At South Beach, over 400 people enjoyed the kayaks, pedalos, sailing boat rides and volleyball at the beach parties while the kids liked the bouncy castle and flying kites. The food was flying off the BBQ and community members were cooling down with the 'beat the heat' drinks. Beach beats kept everyone grooving as the sun set into the Red Sea.

90 adults and children competed in the Family Bowling Tournament with team and individual winners, and the Disney-themed pool party was a huge success with more than 600 guests playing games in the pool while live music entertained everyone.

Click here for photos of the week's activities.

Eid staycation fun