Coming soon: updates to community playgrounds

Playground updates

 Posted on Jul 10, 2019

Public Realm

Facilities Management and Community Life would like to inform community members that the Public Realm will close until further notice. In an effort to utilize KAUST resources effectively and efficiently, assets are being diverted to provide major enhancements to several existing parks in the meantime.


New playgrounds

Three new playgrounds are coming soon to KAUST, including a 'safety town' where kids can have fun whilst learning about road safety. The playgrounds are being developed in the following year and will be located in popular play locations around the community.

Have a look at these sneak peek images to get an idea of what they'll look like. Although it's not shown on these images, the playgrounds will be covered so your children can play in the shade.


We're looking forward to welcoming you there in 2020!



Justin Mynar

Interim Vice President, Facilities Management


Chris Sealey

Vice President, Community Life

Playground updates