You Asked Us-Feedback to CL

You Asked Us-Feedback to CL

 Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Q: Who do I talk to in Community Life to give my feedback and ideas to?

A: Great question!  Community Life welcomes feedback and ideas from community members to help improve the level and range of services that the division provides to residents. Community Life actively reviews and responds to community feedback on the following communication channels: 



Each Community Life department has an official email addresses for you to contact them directly.  For example, if you would like to suggest a new destination for a bus route you can send your idea via email to Bus Services at and/or Transportation Services at  If you're not sure who to email, you can always contact the Division through the mailbox. 

Click here to visit the Community Life Contacts page on the Community Life Intranet.



Every month Community Life publishes surveys soliciting community members feedback on events and services.  These surveys are always published on the Community Life official Facebook Page and typically promoted on the Lens.  Comments and survey results are reviewed by Community Life administration and shared with the appropriate Community Life department(s).  For instance, the current destinations for the weekly Community Express bus were based on survey responses submitted by community members.  We invite you to take part in these surveys each month!



Each month Community Life staff members are available in person to answer questions and listen to community members feedback.  These forums are typically held each month at the Community Hub and are advertised on multiple communication channels inviting community members to attend.  At certain community events, like last month's Community Open Day & Artisan Fair, community life staff were available to answer resident's questions, provide information and listen to their suggestions.  Questions and comments submitted in person at these forums are recorded, reviewed by Community Life administration and shared with the appropriate Community Life department(s) for response.  For example, during the recent forum about Pets in our Community, pet owners submitted a number of questions to Community Life.  All of these questions were addressed by a multiple stakeholder (e.g. Housing, HR, Security, Pest Control, Community Life, Graduate Affairs, Petcare Team) working group.  Responses were then reviewed by Community Life's senior management.  The answers were published on the Community Life intranet, on the Pets in our Community webpage (FAQs).  The new FAQs were promoted on multiple communication channels for residents including: An Email Announcement, Lens post, Community Life Facebook page and monthly newsletter.


Smiley Feedback Devices

A number of Smiley feedback devices have recently been installed at various locations throughout the community including: Discovery Theater, Tamimi Supermarket, Ya Hala, IRC, HSC, and more.  Besides having buttons to rate your customer experience many of these machines have an option to leave comments as well.  The data collected will be reviewed by the Community Life division senior administration and shared with the appropriate department(s) and service provider(s).


We Welcome Your Feedback

Community Life is committed to improving the level and range of services available to community members at KAUST!  We encourage community members to use these official communication channels to provide feedback directly to the division and its departments.  Please be patient, as what may appear as a simple and easy request for a new service to implement, in reality may require coordination with multiple departments, service providers and at times external organizations.  In some instances, an answer may be no for a variety of reasons, such as: lack of resources, insufficient demand, safety concerns and other logistical challenges.  But in most cases, Community Life has been able to collaborate with community members to successfully launch a new event, service, or program.  

You Asked Us-Feedback to CL