New Community Bus

New Community Express Bus

 Posted on Mar 22, 2018

We are proud to announce the first Community Express Bus to Jeddah, taking off to destinations chosen by you, on Saturdays. Over the next two months, you will enjoy trips to different shopping malls, an art gallery, the new corniche, family theme park, the Aquarium and more!

Your Community Express bus will run every Saturday on a flexible time schedule that depends on the locations chosen by the community. As requested, the bus will operate during the day, with a maximum of approx. 2.5 hours at the destination, so that you could get back to KAUST and enjoy the rest of your weekend with family and friends.

The schedule for the first two months contains all of the chosen locations and the first one will depart on Saturday, March 24. Please note that access to venues at the destination must be arranged by the passenger, Depending on your destination, e.g. booking restaurants, purchasing venue tickets, etc.

The bus will operate for a trial period and if there is sufficient interest, we will continue to offer the Community Express Bus service.  Support your new bus by joining us for a fun outing to Jeddah!

Click here to view the schedule.


New Community Express Bus