Meet Your KCAC

Meet Your KCAC, CommunityLife@KAUST

 Posted on Dec 20, 2017

As a part of the CommunityLife@KAUST series, the KAUST Community Advisory Committee (KCAC) held the Meet Your KCAC open evening on Wednesday, December 6. The KCAC transformed the Community Hub into a physical version of their webpage, by inviting community members to connect with them and other community members in person instead of via the click of a mouse.

Each reporting area found on the KCAC suggestions form was displayed on large posters around the room, and community members posted their compliments, suggestions and ideas on the walls - 197 in fact -  all while enjoying the food, the conversation, and the company.

The KCAC are now busy capturing all the data and processing your suggestions.  Each month, they will share updates on their progress along with the minutes of their meetings – these can be found at 

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Meet Your KCAC, CommunityLife@KAUST