KFD Ride to School in a Fire Truck

KFD Ride to School in a Fire Truck

 Posted on Oct 17, 2018


KAUST Fire Department Ride to School in a Fire Truck Competition

On October 4th at the 2018 Community Open Day and Artisan Fair at the IRC, KAUST Fire Department (KFD) were once again present in great numbers along with the KAUST Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD). On display were a number of fire trucks and equipment displaying our Firefighting and HazMat response capabilities. The Operational Firefighters and our KAUST Volunteer Firefighters worked together to provide an evening filled with information and fun. Our Chief Greg Burnell also presented a few demonstrations highlighting the dangers cooking oil fires in the kitchen.

As part of the evening entertainment, we had water targets for our 'Junior Firefighters' to hit using our hoses guided by our Operational and Volunteer Firefighters. Once that task was completed, all children were awarded with a KFD 'Junior Firefighter Certificate' and a KAUST Fire Department Helmet. In addition, everybody could enter the 'KFD Ride to School in a Fire Truck' competition. Just like last year, there was great excitement around the competition and we picked out three lucky winners on the night.

The winners were:

Snorri Buchman Moller, Harbor East School

Younes Ghafffour, Harbor West School

Rian O'Kelly, Elementary School

The lucky winners are collected at their home before 08.00am and the Firefighters and Officers take them to their school in the fire truck (the mothers and fathers usually jump in also!). Then we arrive at the school where the winners' classmates are waiting and cheering as the 'Junior Firefighter' arrives.

The pictures below tell the story!



KAUST Fire department is very much a Community Fire Department and we are always here to proudly serve and protect! 

KFD Ride to School in a Fire Truck