Housing's Top Tips for Departure

Accommodation's Top Tips for Departure

 Posted on Jun 04, 2018

Top Tips for Departure

1.  Can I have an early inspection to be aware of any costs at departure? 

It is recommended residents schedule a pre-departure inspection from the Housing team 3 weeks before intended departure date to gain an awareness of any items that may require their action. 

2.  How are penalties for damaged furniture calculated? 

Whilst wear and tear is considered with any assessment of furniture items before a resident leaves, there is a schedule of costs that forms the basis of charges or damaged furniture items resulting from misuse or negligence.  Please contact mm@kaust.edu.sa for support on any items you are concerned about following your pre-departure inspection. 

3. Will I have to repaint my house before I leave? 

This action may not be necessary as reasonable wear and tear is factored into any decisions made to support the request for repainting. 

4. Do we have to remove all new plants before we leave? 

Plants that make a valued addition to the garden may be retained.  This judgement is however made by the Horticulture team who may be contacted on gardening@kaust.edu.sa to obtain confirmation. 

5. What acceptable state should the garden be in before we leave? 

Gardens are provided to resident with sufficient grass cover which should be maintained during a resident's stay at the unit and will be assessed as part of a pre-departure inspection.  In addition overgrown shrubs and trees should be trimmed.  Please contact the gardening@kaust.edu.sa to obtain confirmation that the garden is in a good condition.

6. How can we fix the unit before we leave? 

All maintenance items can be addressed by raising FC helpdesk tickets through 959.  Please note that damage assessed as resulting from negligence and misuse will be repaired at cost.