Fun Run

Fun Run 5k & 8k

 Posted on Jan 30, 2018

To raise the awareness of sports and healthy lifestyle, Community Life in conjunction with WEP 2018 hosted a 5k and 8k Fun Run for the community members. The run and the warm-up led by the Saudi Olympic runner - Abdullah Aljoud gathered more than 250 active runners and supporters.

Runners for both 5k and 8k categories across three age groups (0-12 years, 13-16 years, 17 years and older) got together at the Harbor Sports Field to enjoy a fun sports activity and fresh Saudi winter breeze.

We all know that running is a perfect cardio workout for all age groups. It is also one of the most popular sports activities among KAUST community members, who were able to demonstrate great results at this year's Fun Run!

Paul O'Callaghan had the best result in 5k category (18:32) and was awarded  first place in his age group.


1stYoussef AbedMila Kriek
2ndManaf ShareefChitrakshi Singh
3rdAdel Sougrat029 – Chimwemwe de Ryckel

1stMohamed Abed0128 – Chelsea Lai
2ndBenjamin Powell0126 – Zaira Aquino
3rdMuhmoud Younis0129 – Manel Eddaoudi

17 +
1stPaul O'Callaghan0305 – Kimberly Cribbs
2ndJohn Gittings0345 – Sabine Vahrenkamp
3rdSlim Abed0520 – Neila Steele


In 8k category Michael Wooster posted the fastest time (32:57) and was granted first place along with Eva Pump (37:45), who took first prize in the same age group for the ladies. Our special thanks go to Aliya Al Uariachi (46:23), who was the only participant for this long 8k distance run in "13-16 years" age group and was awarded a well-deserved 1st place.


1st Aliya Al Uariachi

17 +
1st0405 – Michael Wooster0515 – Eva Pump
2nd0403 – Mitch Maclarn0512 – Francesca De Domenico
3rd0285 – Ahmad Delwah0511 – Deanna Lacoste


It was great to see so many community members supporting this event. Let's keep training... and you could enter KAUST's first sprint triathlon on March 10... more details coming soon. 


Fun Run 5k & 8k