Flexible Golf Memberships Available!

Flexible Golf Memberships Available!

 Posted on Aug 30, 2018


Flexible Membership Benefits available at Safaa Golf Club!  

Flexible membership benefits include unlimited access to the driving range and academy area, access to all club competitions, 10% off in Pro Shop, complimentary bag/club storage, complimentary range balls, complimentary golf cart use, a personalized locker and a CONGU recognized handicap.

This category of membership has been designed to assist the player who has limited opportunities to play to enjoy the benefits of Annual membership at a more justifiable cost.

There are two options (a 10-round option and a 20-round option) available and they are expected to be selected based on a player's likely course usage.

This membership option receives course credits to use for course access and once original credits have been used, additional course credits may be purchased.

Additional purchases can only be made twice within a 12-month membership period and at the original option level. IE; if the 10 round option is chosen then any subsequent purchases will be 10 round purchases.  

Initial joining fee for Bronze Membership (which includes 10 credits)SAR1050
Top-up of 10 creditsSAR750

Initial joining fee for Silver Membership

(which includes 20 credits)

Top-up of 20 creditsSAR1500


For more information, please contact Safaa Golf Club.

Phone: 012 808 6158
Email: golf.reception@kaust.edu.sa

Flexible Golf Memberships Available!