FSQ Receives Green Rating!

FSQ First to Receive Green Rating!

 Posted on Oct 09, 2018

‚ÄčRecently, Community Life's Food Safety & Quality Team (FSQ) proudly received an excellent 'Green' rating for zero findings followed by the Internal Audit conducted by KAUST Internal Audit Dept. The best part is that this 'Green' rating is very rare and the first in the history of KAUST as emphasized by the Internal Auditors!

September was the month for 'Training' for Community Life's FSQ Team.  Staff successfully trained around 230 food handlers from different food service providers from all over KAUST. The food safety presentation covered Basic Level up to Level 2 Food safety topics. Over 15 lessons were taught in 3 hours with topics like the 4 Cs of Food Safety, HACCP pre requisites, KAUST FSQ Guide followed by a 20 mins rapid MCQ assessment. 

As part of the United Nation's World Food Day, the Food Safety & Quality Team will be sharing tips for community members.  They'll also be collaborating with the KAUST Sustainability Team to introduce the FSQ team motto "Think Safe. Eat Safe". Stay tuned!

If you have a food safety question or concern please send an email to foodsafety@kaust.edu.sa

FSQ First to Receive Green Rating!