Cricket Tournament Winners

Cricket Tournament Winners

 Posted on Oct 16, 2018

An indoor Cricket Tournament was organized by the Cricket community club from 11th to 13th October, 2018. In total, twelve teams participated in the tournament. On the first day of competition, all teams were distributed into four groups with the help of an open draw. Omar Al-Omar, Director, Community Services & Engagement, joined the event and helped with the draw in front of an audience of over 100 community members. The most interesting group of this tournament was Group B. In this group, two relatively strong teams "The Cricketers", "IC-11" and new team "The Sultan Mohammed Zarawani All-stars" played matches against each other. 

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Tournament Matches

The first match of the tournament was played on Thursday night, between teams "Red Sea Sharks" and "Graduate Scorchers". Team "Graduate Scorchers" won the match comfortably with 13 runs.  On Friday morning, tournament started with group matches and all the group matches were concluded at the end of the day. There was one fun game played between “The Sultan Mohammed Zarawani All-stars” and “DesiBoyz Youngistan”. Atisam (TKS grade 5 student) was leading DesiBoyz Youngistan who had won this friendly match. Though his team lost at last ball in fascinating quarter final against Red Sea Sharks. On Friday, group D ended their group matches with stirring results; all three teams won one of their matches. For this group, Net Run Rate was calculated which resulted “Imran Munir” in top of the group followed by “LEM Annihilators”. Later on, “Graduate Scorchers” lost the semi-final with only 2 runs against “IC-11”. It was another noteworthy match which decided on the last ball. In other semi-final, The Cricketers easily won against Red Sea Sharks with 30 runs.  

Final Match

The final match was played between "The Cricketers" and "IC 11". Many had already suspected that both of those teams were going to play in final match although they were in the same group. It was indeed a sensational match. The Cricketers won the toss and decided to bat first. Sajjad and Madu came to the crease and comfortably scored 68 scores in just 3 overs. Sajjad hit 6 consecutives boundaries and after scoring 72 runs on just 21 balls, he invited his other team member Akram to bat further. The Cricketers put a decent score of 92 runs on the scoreboard for IC 11 to chase it. IC-11 could not have flying start due to very good bowling spells of Madu and Umer, only 14 runs in 2 overs. However, in third overs, things turned around and Nasir (IC 11 batsman) started hitting consistent six's. He scored 47 runs and played only 13 balls. At the end of fourth over, 24 runs required at 6 balls. Sajjad came to ball and after first dot ball, a six was scored. On next four balls, IC 11 needed 18 more runs to grab the winning trophy. But Sajjad ended the over with two wickets and The Cricketers won the final match with 16 run in a memorable final game. In this final match, we witnessed 29 boundaries on 60 balls! Probably the highest boundaries scored ever in any game. Both teams played with full power and made it a remarkable match!

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Tournament Winners

At the end of the event, President of the Cricket Club, Faisal Wali, handed over the tournament trophy to the winning team, The Cricketers. "Man of the Match" award went to Muhammad Sajjad for his significant contributions at the final match. Sohail Faizan Shaikh was awarded the trophy of "Best Batsman" for scoring 121 runs during his consistent performance.
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The Cricket Club would like to thank the community for their support that produced an amazing cricket tournament.  The club is committed to organize an outdoor cricket tournament starting in November.  The group is also trying to organize weekly social nights which would allow cricket fans to improve their cricket skills.  Based on feedback received from community members,  the Cricket community club is also committed to make the participation of TKS students and female members possible in future tournaments. 

Cricket Tournament Winners