Community Club Collaborations

Community Club Collaborations

 Posted on May 17, 2018

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The Cub Scouts (ages 8-11, grade 3 to 5, boys and girls) recently collaborated with both the Kingdom Equestrian and Red Sea Dragon community clubs to create exciting outdoor opportunities for the children in the local troop.  The children got to travel to Jeddah to experience horseback riding with the Kingdom Equestrian Club. 

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The Dragon Boat Club prepared their equipment for the special event, including display of the oranate Dragon tail and head on the boat.  Upon arrival the cub scouts were given a safety and technique training prior to boarding the dragon boat.   A drummer onboard was there to help the kids keep their paddling rythm.    Most of the kids managed to paddle through the water for an entire thirty minute session.  Cub Scouts participating in the outdoor event were able to progress towards obtaining their water activity badge.  Whilst the Red Sea Dragon club leaders and members got to introduce the sport to the children. 

It is wonderful to see community clubs interacting and supporting one another!  

For more information about these community clubs, visit our Recreation section. 

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Community Club Collaborations

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