Arsenal Teams Play in Competitions

Arsenal Teams Play in Competitions

 Posted on Nov 28, 2018


Arsenal Children's Soccer Club Play at National and International Competitions

 Causeway Cup 1.jpegCauseway Cup 2.jpeg

Bahrain Causeway Cup - 8th/9th November - Under 10s

The Causeway Cup is a twice-yearly event run by Juventus Bahrain as a competition between themselves and Juventus Saudi Arabia. As we will be transitioning to Juventus here at KAUST in January, we were duly invited to the event.

Arsenal Soccer Schools took a group of 12 players from their Under - 10 Gunner's Squad to Bahrain to take part in the Cup. This is the first time this group has traveled away together and played in international fixtures! 

The coaches from other teams were impressed with the ability and teamwork of our players, and rightly so as they showed quick improvement, adapting to the stage and opposition. 

The second day saw us take part in a grassroots tournament with Ole Academy. We played a number of teams from the Bahrain area and were met again by our Eastern Province counterparts from Juventus Saudi Arabia - Khobar, who borrowed some of our players! The players continued to do really well and were paid the compliment of being welcomed back any time by the organizers of this competition.

Later that day, the group traveled back to KAUST understandably exhausted from two excellent days of football! The group looks forward to future trips!


U16s Fixture 2.jpeg U16s Fixture 1.jpeg

U16 fixture versus BISJ and Juventus Jeddah - 11th November

The evening of the 11th of November saw our U16 group play a round-robin of fixtures with BISJ and Juventus Jeddah at the BISJ pitches with mixed success, losing to a very accomplished BISJ side and beating the Jeddah group 4-3 in a thrilling game!

This will be the first of many fixtures over the course of the year for this group (two more coming soon on the 1st and 8th of December) to complement the work done in training at the Harbor Fields. The boys enjoyed themselves and are excited for the prospect of more matches in the near future!

KAEC J-Series.jpeg 


KAEC J-Series - 17th November

The first of several J-Series' held by Juventus Saudi Arabia in the Western Province, and organised by our own Coach Jack, took place at The World Academy in KAEC on the 17th of November. Arsenal Under 10 players from both groups attended the event to play two hours of football on the Saturday morning.

Teams attended from Juventus groups at Jeddah Preparatory Grammar School, and from KAEC, and played in great spirit throughout! We are grateful to the parents from all sites for bringing their children to the event and for supporting the football in a really supportive manner!

This marks the start of the J-Series which will have one event for each of our age groups throughout the year. Our thanks to KAEC and TWA for hosting.


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Arsenal Teams Play in Competitions