Eco-Carts available for short-term rental

Eco-Carts Rental

 Posted on Oct 05, 2021

​Short-term rentals of our popular Eco-Carts are now available to KAUST community members. 

In addition to the long-term rental option which we've been provided for some time, we are now introducing daily, weekly, and monthly options as well. 

Short-term Rental:

The Luxury Cart company is offering short-term Eco-Cart rentals. This will be an initial pilot phase with a limited number of carts. Here are the rates:

  • Daily Rate: SAR 90 + 15% VAT 
  • Weekly Rate: SAR 500 + 15% VAT 
  • Monthly Rate: SAR 1,350 + 15% VAT 

Long-term Rental:

There has been no change for existing customers. Community Life continues to offer a limited number of Eco-Carts for 6 months or longer rental.

Rent an Eco-Cart today 

More information about Eco-Cart options can be found on the Eco-Cart page of the Community Life website. To rent an Eco-Cart, contact Luxury Carts at or (012) 808-5606. 

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Eco-Carts Rental

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