Artists of KAUST Junior – Call for Artwork

Call for Artwork

 Posted on Sep 08, 2021

2021 Theme “KAUST: An International Community” 

An exhibition of visual artwork by the children of the KAUST community. 


If you are 13 or under, you can now create your artwork for the Artists of KAUST Junior Exhibition which will be held at the Island Recreation Center from November 1 to November 25, 2021. 


If you wish to take part in this year's exhibition, there are three simple steps: 


STEP 1: Register for the exhibition at Artists of KAUST Junior 2021 (form will open September 19)


Registrations are open from September 19 to September 30You can register as an individualgroup, or family: 


  • Individual – a junior artist aged 13 and below, living in KAUST 
  • Group – maximum 6 children 13 and below, living in KAUST 
  • Family including a minimum of one child 13 and below, living in KAUST 


Please read the guidelines below before registering: 

  • Paintings, photography, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, calligraphy, and ceramics can be submitted as artwork 
  • Only one piece of artwork can be submitted per person for thexhibition and competition 
  • Artwork must align with the theme of “KAUST: An International Community” 
  • Artwork must have been created outside of the school curriculum, must not be part of a school project, and must not have been previously displayed as part of the Artists of KAUST Junior exhibition or any other community or school exhibition. 


STEP 2Submit your artwork 


Once you have registered to take part in the exhibition, your artwork must be delivered to the Island Recreation Center Reception between October 3 and October 21. 


STEP 3: Come along and enjoy the exhibition! 


The opening ceremony will take place on Monday, November 12021, at 5.00 P.M. at the IRC and the exhibition will be open from November 1 to November 25, 2021 

Winners will be contacted and featured after the exhibition.


Looking forward to seeing your creative work!

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Call for Artwork

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