TKS Internship Program 2021 launches

TKS Internship Program 2021 launches

 Posted on Sep 02, 2021

This academic year we bring a wealth of experience to our students through our valued partnerships at KAUST.  TKS has connected with KAUST Community to launch the TKS Internship Program (TKS IP) 2021.  This work-based opportunity will allow our High School (G11 & G12) students to gain professional work experience and learn how organizations work and operate. 

In its first year of launch, the program saw a total of 18 students intern in several different departments here at KAUST.  From learning skills in sectors like Human Resources, Recreation, and IT security just to mention a few, we wish them every success in preparation for their futures ahead.

Watch the full video created by our young professionals sharing their chosen area of work!


A very special thank you to all mentors and partners.

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TKS Internship Program 2021 launches

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