September Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant Promotions

 Posted on Sep 01, 2021

Check out the delicious specials offered at KAUST restaurants this September, including Saudi National Day, offers: 

Al Fresco – Harbor Club 

Al Fresco – Harbor Club.jpg

Steak Seven  

Steak Seven.jpg

10th Hole  

10th Hole.jpg



Al Marsa:  

  • Check out the Saudi National special, Lamb Biryani, Lamb Kabsa, Red Sea platter, and more 
  • Lunch set menu: Every Saturday to Thursday at lunchtime. 
  • Start your weekend with Al Marsa: Try the dine-in breakfast buffet on Fridays 

Al Marsa Saudi National Day Special (1).jpg

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

Coffee bean.jpg

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More exclusive offers: 

For a full list of special offers available through Community Life, visit the Promotions Page. 


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Restaurant Promotions

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